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Frequently asked Questions 

Please find below a list of questions I get asked . . . . . A LOT! If you have any other queries, not mentioned here, please get in touch

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What does a celebrant do? 
We conduct all manner of ceremonies from weddings to civil partnerships, naming ceremonies to vow renewals and some conduct funeral services. As an independent celebrant we can create, perform, and officiate at any formal family ceremony and can include ANY spiritual/non-spiritual or religious sentiments. The great thing about a celebrant-led ceremony is that it is totally unique to you and no two ceremonies are ever the same!

Why should I choose a celebrant for my day? 

We celebrants make your life & love stories the centerpiece of the day. We provide a special service designed around you as a couple. We have no prescribed '<insert name here>' script to read from either! Everything is personal from the start. With regular meetings (video call or personal meet up, preferably over a cup of tea) before the big day. We celebrants will customise a service perfect to your needs, getting to know you as people and perfecting the story YOU want to be told.
Personally, I still remember attending my first celebrant-led wedding as a guest! Under a tree in a woodland glade, drenched in Devonshire sunlight....I still get goosebumps! The location and service was full of emotion and the couples food exchange ritual was totally   UNIQUE and proper TASTY. Thank you Mr & Mrs Youl.

Are celebrant led wedding and civil partnership ceremonies legally binding?

You will need to ensure you have carried out the correct paperwork to make your marriage legally binding in your home county. By visiting your local council website you can find out what their most affordable wedding certificate offers are at the registry office and how much notice you need to give.  Many couples choose to get 'legally married' with two witnesses beforehand and then focus on their celebrant led ceremony as their  'big day'. But hey, I have had couples get legally married AFTER the ceremony .... the good thing is nobody really needs to know !

Can we help with the ceremony content?

YES OF COURSE! That's one of the great pleasures of a celebrant-led ceremony.  However creative you may be  feeling,  it’s very much a collaborative process throughout. I aim to deliver you a customised ceremony that you are super happy with. 

You may choose to write your own vows as they are so personal, but I am very happy to work with each of you to get it just right. I can also include chosen poems and readings if you have something special you would like to include.

How long does the ceremony last ?

Again, it’s entirely UP TO YOU. If you want readings, acrobatics, hymns or music....this is your day and your ceremony, so it all depends on what you want to include. Usually I conduct ceremonies anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

Where can a ceremony be held?

The answer is ANYWHERE! The beauty is we are not bound by licensed venues so anything goes! As a celebrant-led ceremony it can be inside or outside, but just be prepared for our weather!

What are the differences between an independent and a Humanist Celebrant?

The main difference comes from the parameters in which a humanist celebrant can work. They will usually only offer a secular or non-religious ceremony, whereas an independent celebrant like myself will be open to religious, spiritual and non religious sentiments that you may wish to include on your day. This is where 'getting to know' your celebrant at the beginning  is very important! Whoever you decide to choose you will have a super ceremony !

Are you able to help with the choreography of the ceremony?

ABSOLUTELY! It's my pleasure to make you and your guests feel as comfortable and happy as possible. If required (at an extra fee) I can be available for a rehearsal the day before the ceremony, to ensure it all runs smoothly.

How much do your ceremonies cost?

It depends on your requirements, but my ceremonies range from £375 for a naming ceremony to £575 for a wedding. Expenses beyond a 10 mile radius of SA33 4LE will be charged at 45p per mile. To help you be sure you have picked the right person, I offer a FREE, no obligation chat before you make any decisions.  

Do you always wear the sunflower dress?  

No, although it is my favorite, I do have more outfits to suit different occasions and always check with couples beforehand what they may prefer. However, if you have a specific request for your theme we can certainly discuss !  

Are you qualified?

YES, I trained and certified with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (FPC) and can conduct weddings, civil partnerships, vow renewals and naming ceremonies. I’m a member of the FPC too, where you can find me on their directory.

Can you include religion in your ceremonies?

OF COURSE .... As an independent celebrant I am only restricted by the choices of what you wish and do not wish as part of your ceremony. I can certainly include any element of religious or spiritual sentiment, whether that’s a hymn, a religious reading or a ritual. All this can be discussed when we start to plan your day.

What is a symbolic ritual and should I include one in my ceremony ? 

A symbolic ritual is a creative way to demonstrate your love at a wedding. Some ideas include; hand fasting -'tying the knot'; sand ceremonies - blending of families, rose ceremonies or unity candle. One of my favorites is food sharing, bringing together different traditions from where the couples originally came from. For example....the offering and sharing of a Kentish brew and Bournville chocolate with their guests !  YUM !!

What geographical areas do you cover?

​I cover areas from West Wales to Bristol. I am open to travelling with you to your 'destination wedding' location too !

Any other questions  ? 

Can't find the answer you are looking for - feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you.

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