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Hi there ....

I am Jodie, a nature loving, adventure seeking, certified mum of two.  It's the simple things in life that float my boat!  

As a  family we enjoy traveling and spending our ‘spare-time' exploring & foraging in the great outdoors, immersed in nature.

When I’m not writing or performing ceremonies, I enjoy getting creative!  This can be out in my cut flowers and veg plot, cooking with my family...... oh and dancing, I LOVE dancing!!!!


I am naturally curious  & I love a good love story .... after a unique sequence of events and a pinch of fortuitous timing,  I was introduced to this wonderful world of professional celebrants.  After having two children,  attending numerous life celebrations and jumping into some fabulous celebrant training...... just like that 'Ceremonies with Jodie' was established!​ 

My previous career working with people across number of environmental organisations,  over several countries has given me a wealth of skills which have been super useful in my everyday life as a celebrant.

I had the privilege to train with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and I work as an associate celebrant with the wonderful  Helen Williams at Treasured Ceremonies. Everyday is an adventure & meeting new and wonderful people is the icing on the cake. Can I get a 'WHOOP WHOOP'! ?

And just incase you didn't know enough about me, here are some random facts!

Random fact #1
I used to live on a house boat opposite a castle, but fancied a more 
mobile time! For 6 months I cycled around Europe, working on organic farms. I ended the trip at a friend’s wedding in beautiful Potsdam, Berlin!

Random fact #2
I totally love sunflowers, and all they represent. 
In fact my partner calls me ‘sunshine’ and NOT
.... hence the inspiration for my logo. 

Random fact #3
I absolutely love, love, love dancing - with jive 
dancing and rock & roll being my favorite; 

queue big dresses & frilly petticoats !

Random fact #4
I'm a published poet !!!!  You can find it in the Cherry Orchard Poem collection, 2000. 

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